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Meet Our Team


Kurt Amann



Kurt Amann has over eighteen years of experience in the trades and over ten years of experience in the generator business.  Kurt started his career in HVAC and Plumbing.  Kurt always had a flare for engines and all things mechanical.  He developed a passion for generators and found his niche in the power generation industry.  


Kurt led the development of the generator division of a major wholesale company in Pennsylvania.   Building the generator division from the ground up, Kurt quickly learned every aspect of the business. He partnered with Kohler Power Systems and was responsible for developing their dealer network in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Kurt became a Kohler Certified Trainer and developed a training program to provide local training to Kohler Dealers.  Kurt was one of the first trainers to take part in Kohler's Train the Trainer Program.  


After many years with wholesale, Kurt was ready to take the next step in his career.  He took a position with a Kohler Industrial Distributor and had the opportunity to work in the industrial market.  Kurt developed and managed a dealer network of over 150 Kohler Dealers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Kurt spent over 6 years overseeing this territory, serving as a trainer, technical support communicator and factory representative.  During his employment with distribution Kurt saw the need for a generator company to serve PA & NJ with experience and expertise in this specialized trade.

After the birth of his son, Henry, Kurt decided to open Henry's Generator Service. Kurt has a strong desire to help anyone who is seeking support.   


"Be honest, be fair, be forward. Do the right thing even when no one is looking and offer the very best products, materials and services." -Kurt Amann

Dante Manzi

Generator Technician


Dante Manzi entered the power generation industry in 2014 with a mission to deliver top-notch service.  After completing Ohio Technical College’s Diesel and Generator Program, he put a strong foot forward into the residential generator world as a generator technician for a reputable Kohler dealer in Pennsylvania, building the foundation of his field experience for all that was to come.

The next chapter in Dante's career was employment as a Generator Technician at a datacenter service group in NYC.  Here he self-taught himself building management systems and completed increasingly larger tasks from generator-control upgrades to generator and switchgear BMS integration project management and field work. Dante soon realized moving forward in his career meant going above and beyond the vision of his surroundings.

Self employment as “Dante’s Power Generation” took him on a wonderful journey for 2 years where he was fortunate to help new customers and old employers on an unhindered top-tier level. After working with the HGS team as a contractor, it was clear their values and business goals aligned with his own and a new path was formed - bringing his customers over to HGS.


Dante loves adding to the atmosphere of encouraging teamwork, big goals, and constant learning at HGS. He has found a real home alongside fellow generator nerds who love what they do.

“Present with me everyday is Pride in my work, Self-Respect, Unity with fellow gen-techs, and Community with all that surround.” -Dante Manzi

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