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Kohler Authorized Startup & Warranty

Henry's Generator Service is an Authorized Kohler Dealer.  We are factory trained and certified to perform Kohler Authorized Startups and Kohler warranty repairs.  


A Kohler Authorized Startup prevents failures and voided warranties due to installation errors.  During a Kohler Authorized Startup a factory trained and certified representative from Henry's Generator Service will inspect the installation of your Kohler Generator, transfer switch, and gas to ensure that the system has been installed according to Kohler's specifications.  We also inspect the installation for local and national code violations and will work with your installer to correct any issues that we identify. 


Henry's Generator Service will register your generator and transfer switch into the Kohler Warranty System.  With a Kohler Authorized Startup your warranty will begin the day the system is operating, not the day of purchase.  

A Kohler Authorized Startup should be performed on every Kohler installation to prevent failures due to installation errors.  Failures due to installation errors are not covered by the Kohler Warranty Policy.  Installation errors could void your Kohler Warranty.  

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